Learn how we are empowering the residents in food deserts to become more food independent


Creating a Interconnected Network of food producing homes is the best way to supplement the incoming supply of healthy, nutritional meals witnessed as a result of the Hungernomics efforts. It is also the best way to transition the residents from food consumers to food producers.

Get access to the knowledge and materials needed to grow


Our complimentary Seed Library Resource Center is designed to help reduce the learning curve commonly associated with becoming a food producer while also reducing the costs to start and maintain a home garden. Individuals that become a part of our growing Foodscaping Network are able to glean from our experience and reap the benefits. It’s just another way we illustrate how unstoppable we are when we work together.

Get an inside scoop on the road we've traveled to begin wiping food deserts off the map


When we started this journey our primary service area was literally our street in our neighborhood.  Fast forward a couple of years, and our primary service area became the Frayser community in Memphis, Tennessee.

Add another two years, and although our primary service area is still Shelby County, Tennessee, our reach is continuously growing and has also begun to impact the Mississippi – Delta, Mississippi – Gulf Coast, and Missouri! And our growth is fueled by generous individuals like you!

Become A Future Leader And Environmental Change Influencer In Our Global Community


We realize that in order to have sustainable success in our global fight, the youth must be educated, inspired, then empowered to take the lead. The ‘JFWC HEYY!‘ initiative is designed to creatively engage and challenge youth to be the change they want to see in their homes, schools, and communities through practical, proven, hands-on activities that reinforce basic principles such as: Caring about their future, their planet, and others. JOIN TODAY.

Join our community of continuous donors bringing nutritional meals to food deserts

Eliminate Food Waste Food Insecurity Food Deserts

Establish A Legacy

Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love.

By joining the Hungernomics Community of givers you're teaching the generations that follow you to care for others. Your philanthropic actions, no matter how small the beginnings are, can jumpstart a lasting legacy. Not to mention, those selfless actions help to ensure that our work will continue for generations to come.

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