Training Services

We realize that having access to knowledge is good but gaining access to those that have wisdom and understanding is priceless. Therefore, we offer our clients monthly live, real-time, interactive web-based and/or in-person training sessions where we give clients more in-depth, up-close-and-personal visibility into the current experiences and decision-making process that lends to our continuous success. More importantly, to the client, we also use these sessions to brainstorm ideas to determine and define their Purpose, Mission, Vision, Business and Marketing Plan, and Go-Live Strategy. We reiterate, with over 80 years of combined experience in government contracts, project management, supply chain management, resource management, strategic planning, community development, community engagement, and training, we are confident in our ability to guide you and your team in becoming agents of change in your area. Unlock the “U” Become Club membership today.

Training Services at a Glance

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  • Participate in Monthly Video-Chat and/or In-Person Training Sessions
  • Pinpoint the Difference Between Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Potential
  • Define your Purpose, Mission, and Vision
  • Develop your Business Plan (optional)
  • Develop your Business Marketing Strategy (optional)
  • Review our Sustainability Hub model in depth
  • Review our proposed 6-Level Community Building Block model
  • Gain access to our ever-growing document library which includes many documents we’ve used to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding such as a “Sample Funding Proposal Letter“, “Sample Food Rescue Partner Email Request“, “Sample Financial Partner Email Request“, “Sample Project Justification Budget“, “Sample Health Equity Committee Presentation“, “List of Proven Subcontractors“, “Operations 101 Videos“, and more
  • Gain Access to Seasoned Graphic Design, Web Development, Native IOS and/or Android App Development, and Video Editing Professionals
  • Gain Access to Over 80 Years of Combined Experience in Government Contracts, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Resource Management, Strategic Planning, Community Development, Community Engagement, Training, and more